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Our Immigration Attorney Can Help With Your Case

Immigration law is a volatile area of the law. It has always been complex and many of those involved in the process have suffered the consequences of the confusion that surrounds the law. In recent years, that confusion has only grown more intense, as immigration has become the subject of election politics.

Our Firm Can Help With Your Immigration Issue In Leesburg

Immigration attorneys will warn you not to attempt to handle immigration questions like asylum, permanent resident petitions and especially critical adjustment of status or deportation matters on your own.

The Cardona Law Firm can provide effective representation for any question involving immigration law. Our attorney has spent more than a decade working with clients throughout Florida, and we have the experience to provide the assistance you need with this complex and emotional area of law.

Do You Have Criminal Or Family Law Issues?

The Cardona Law FirmAs difficult as many immigration issues are by themselves, your case can become much more complex if your immigration issue also affects or is affected by, other areas of law. If you are undocumented, dealing with child support or custody issues can be frightening, as questions of your status could be raised.

If you are present in the U.S. legally, but are arrested for a seemingly minor offense, such as a DUI, it could trigger consequences with your immigration status that could create the potential for removal or deportation proceedings.

You Want An Attorney Who Can Handle All Of These Issues Together

Immigration, criminal and family law are often considered separate areas of the law and handled by attorneys who focus on those areas. If you are facing issues that include all three areas, you want an attorney who understands how they interact and affect each other. Our attorney regularly works with individuals who are facing these issues and we know how to effectively protect your rights in each of these legal areas.

Our lawyer is highly skilled with immigration matters, including:

  • Asylum
  • DACA
  • State criminal charges with immigration hold/detainers
  • Nonimmigrant visas
  • Permanent resident petitions
  • Cancellation/Withhold of removal
  • Citizenship-Naturalization
  • USCIS interview preparation

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Immigration law is complex and you may not have much time. A hold or a removal proceeding require an immediate response from an experienced immigration attorney. Our office is centrally located in Lake County. Call us at 352-702-0586 or use our online form.

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