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The Cardona Law FirmJames Cardona, at The Cardona Law Firm, L.L.C., knows that many of our clients have legal issues that include family law, criminal charges and immigration issues. Criminal charges are always a threat to your liberty and can interfere with many other issues, including your employment, where you can live and could even affect the status of child custody agreement.

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Questions of family law and child custody are also important for many of our clients. We know how emotional and contentious these issues can be. You want a fair settlement that protects your rights and ensures you have time with your children. If you receive child support, you know how important that can be for your children.

Immigration rules and law create additional difficulties for our clients and their families. We know how criminal or immigration matters can impact family law issues, and you may have children who were eligible for DACA, and have a great many concerns with regard to their still evolving immigration status.

Our Attorney:

Criminal Charges And Immigration Matters

We are also extremely aware of the risk other legal issues can cause for individuals with immigration status. A minor criminal offense or misdemeanor charge that would not mean that much for a citizen takes on a much greater significance for someone with immigrant visa or permanent resident status. Our lawyer understands all of these concerns and issues and work passionately for all of the firm's clients.

We understand your legal concerns. Our attorney knows that the INA and other immigration laws are bewilderingly complex set of laws, constantly subject to pressure by the current administration and by congress and interpretation by the courts.

As An Immigrant, Our Attorney Truly Understands Immigration Law

But the immigration laws are more than just a set of abstract rules. As an immigrant himself, he knows firsthand the challenges all immigrants face. He also understands the exhilaration of becoming an U.S. citizen and remembers his swearing in ceremony as one of the happiest days of his life.

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The Cardona Law Firm also can help you with many other legal issues. Our firm can review your contracts and assist with business and corporate formation, issues of entity choice, property leases or contracts involving the sale of real estate. We can help you with an estate plan, including drafting a will, advance directives and powers of attorney.

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Our experienced Leesburg attorney works to protect you, no matter the legal issue, no matter the complexity. Our office is centrally located in Lake County. Call us at 352-702-0586 or use our online form.

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